Decorating Tips For Small Bedroom Spaces

Small Bed Room Space

There is an increasing trend towards smaller homes, and smaller total square footage means a proportionally smaller bedroom. Aside from the master bedroom, secondary bedrooms are also getting the down-scaling treatment. Homes are getting smaller and more expensive, especially in the vicinity of the city (take for example, a hdb in woodlands).

Downsizing, however, does not mean that you have to forget about décor and design. In fact, décor and design is even more important in smaller spaces. The décor choices you select need to have intent, while furniture pieces need to be space-efficient. Read on for some small decorating ideas that can make a big impact in your bedroom space.

Small Bed Room Space

White and Neutral

White and beige are some of the most versatile and timeless colors. Not only that, color schemes that are predominantly white and/or beige makes the room feel larger, airier and more spacious. By virtue of their hue, they keep the space bright and light, both in terms of décor and aura. This helps work wonders when you need to make it seem like there is more space than there actually is.

Furniture placement

When space is tight, the placement of your furniture needs to be deliberate and well-thought-out. Large furniture pieces can be moved to the sides of the room or shoved against the corner of a room. This helps improve free space as well as traffic flow. For example, placing your bed right to the side of a bedroom can help free up much more dead space compared to if you were to center your bed. This helps condense all the free space in you room together, making it look like there is more free space than there actually is.

Trendy wall storage

Instead of the traditional storage solutions like bookshelves and desks, why don’t you bring your stuff off of the floor? Install some trendy floating wall shelves to give you more available space without cramping the room. Shelves are great because they add storage surface, make use of otherwise empty walls while adding more visual depth to your space at the same time.

Loft sleeping area

If your horizontal space is limited, you can try going vertical. As they say, the only place left to go is up. Raise your bed and create a small loft bed on a platform. The space underneath it can be used well for storage. This helps you utilize all the vertical space that would have otherwise been wasted. It also serves to delineate your sleeping area from the rest of your bedroom.

Less is more

Less is more, and this could not be even more true for small bedrooms. The more things you have in your bedroom, the more cluttered it gets, the messier it looks and the smaller it feels. For smaller bedrooms, you would do well to aim for a bigger and cleaner space. Think about it – less stuff, less clutter, less clashing and mismatching, which naturally equates to more space!

Hide-away bed

The bed is possibly the largest piece of furniture in the bedroom, and naturally, it occupies the most space in your place. Hiding the bed is a good idea to free up some space. Consider ingenious designs to hide the bed away. For example, you can have a platform made where the bed can slide under the platform and out of sight. Even a simple murphy bed can work as well.

Lots of light

In small spaces, you want to bring in as much light as possible. It doesn’t matter if it is natural light or synthetic light, or even a good combination of the two. Any light is good light. Consider employing a variety of design tricks, such as painting the walls white, to really bounce around as much light around the room as possible.

Large mirrors

The use of mirrors is a time-tested and effective idea to visually expand any space. It helps trick the eye into perceiving that there is more space than there actually is.  Consider leaning a large and tall mirror on your empty bedroom wall, or even adding mirrored walls. Adding large mirrors around the room will help reflect light around as well, making everything lighter and much airier. What’s more, mirrors are also functional pieces that don’t take up much space.

Vibrant colors

Adding some color to your space can make it even more warm and refreshing. Liven up your bedroom space with pops of bold color. The key, as always, is to avoid making it look overcrowded and too busy. So, remember to keep the walls as a light and neutral backdrop. Then you can add as much pops of accent colors as you like while still keeping the overall design toned down.

A nice daybed

Instead of a traditional bed, why not consider having a daybed instead? It is just as comfortable as a regular bed but is smaller in size. It can also be transformed into a sofa or a couch during the day, showing that its not just a bed but a multi-functional piece of furniture.

Beautifully basic

Create the perfect bedroom space by bringing in only what you need and not much else, especially for lesser used spaces like the guest bedroom. The guest bedroom does not need expansive storage or even personalization like the master bedroom. As long as it is comfortable, neat and welcoming, you can keep the space as basic as possible.

Under the bed storage

We all have that empty space under our beds that usually goes to waste. Instead of letting dust bunnies gather under your bed, turn it into storage space! You can store almost anything under your bed, as long as you have the right storage ideas. Consider getting some nice woven baskets or crafted boxes that can slip under your bed easily. If you have the budget, you can even construct a platform for your bed, incorporating storage options underneath it, such as built-in drawers that are easily accessible yet hidden away from plain sight.

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